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Simple, easy to follow, daily lessons

The course is broken down in easy to follow lessons. Simply log in each day and watch the video. Your time commitment is only ten minutes each day


Courses are viewable on screens of all shapes and sizes. Watch on your laptop, phone or tablet


Access your training from anywhere at any time. You are  just few clicks away

What Will You Learn:

Your recipe for golfing success

The golf swing is like a recipe, Add the ingredients in a precise order, over a prescribed amount of time, and you will get predictable results

Regularly spaced, correct repetition is the key to improvement

Science proves that people learn best when information is presented in small, easy to digest chunks

Clear up the common misconceptions

There is too much conflicting information in golf instruction. Learn from science - not opinion.

Improve from tee to green and on the green

All aspects of the game are covered, from the full swing to the short game and putting.

Master the Mental techniques that Champions use

Elite performers in any sport have proven mental techniques that you can learn and master.

How to think your way to better scores

Improve your course management skills and shave strokes off your score.


David Balbi is an excellent instructor. I never fail to benefit from his advice. Even though I've been playing golf for over 40 years, I still learn new ideas and concepts from David. This course will benefit you, whatever your age or ability level.

Tom Balletta

Amazing results! I've never played better and finally, I understand why!



People learn best when they are presented with information in small, easy to digest, chunks and that’s what this program does.

This method works for all levels of golfer, from beginner to advanced and from kids to seniors

You’ve all heard me say that it just takes a few minutes per day to improve, and many of you have committed to the 3 minute a day program only to get sidetracked early in the process.

Six months ago, a student asked if I had a program that he could follow that would allow him to stay on track. At the time I didn’t have such a program – so I created one!true

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Day 1 - Introduction

Day 2 - Posture, Setup, Alignment

Day 3 - Use your Right Glute

Day 4 - Motion of the Hands and Arms

Day 5 - The 2 Sticks Drill

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About The Instructor

David Balbi is the 1999 Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year  Award recipient. recognized by his peers for outstanding performance as a Golf Instructor.

David continues to search out excellence in golf instruction technology and cutting edge learning methodologies.


David Balbi, PGA

Frequently Ask Question

A: Absolutely! As a beginner, you do not have a long history of bad habits and so your progress will be excellent.

A: Absolutely. It works for kids, adults, seniors, beginners and advanced players

If you don't feel that you have improved after 60 days of following the program, I will schedule a free 45-minute lesson with you - either online or in my studio.

You will never miss a lesson if you skip a day. A new lesson becomes available every day and you just have to watch them in order. If you skip three days, you cannot jump ahead to the current day, you have to watch them sequentially.

The videos cannot be downloaded due to copyright concerns but they can be viewed on any device - desktop, laptop, ipad, iphone, android. (There are, of course, various screen capture programs that could capture the videos for offline consumption but I don't want to know about that and I never suggested it )☺

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